A Masterpiece

I whisper gentle breath into the new day to get acquainted, until at last the bellows, with fierce and easy determination blow with direction - a kind of focus that deters distractions and collects all necessary elements toward the intended goal.

I am not much one to speak of goal, but in this case, I am inspired and refreshed by the thought of seeing something through to the end. The long game. Some are built for this kind of madness.  I call it madness merely with acknowledgement of any stance we might take in this human endeavor. A stance that fixates on a single point will find the way to it, through path of least resistance, or bold strategy. The quality is one of magnetism to the outcome. One makes relationship with it, as if it is the most precious thing.

To have such a passion with this goal, one can certainly employ playfulness and inclusion, yet not be lacking in the substance of what some may call desire. For without it, other fires will burn warmer and brighter, crippling even the most astute and capable in on their path to said zion. This is the grace of dharmic guidance. That it teaches us by our very stance to life, and the willingness to follow through. It reveals what is more compelling and significant than fear, heartbreak, confusion, or the inertia of resistance.

Some may say resistance is a thing to fight against - "do not go softly into that great night." Fighting fire with fire may be useful in some context, but by perpetuating inefficiencies and fatiguing the heart. Masterpieces are built on surrender to the proclivities of genius. 

I have heard the whisper, "Such may be your life, if you will let it come through." - A masterpiece.