My Story:

Whatever our calling, I have found that as humans, by nature, we crave a deep sense of meaning. We crave to truly be seen, to contribute, and to experience a soulful, purposeful life.

It became clear to me early on that effective approaches to healing and transformation are those that address the full scope of the human experience, with a raw, honest reverence. While for me the study of mind and body began as a kind of experiment, nearly 15 years ago, it has since become a deeply personal practice, and a call to meet others in their inquiry and vulnerability, with practical tools and tangible results.

As a practitioner, with each body of knowledge that has invited me deeper on my own path, I have seen threads of consistent truth that seem to provide some liberation from the contractions and limitations of human conditioning.

I'm inspired by the drive to find real solutions that are uniquely personal, yet universally beneficial in their application. The greatest gift and pleasure for me is the recognition of truly being ourselves, and how much of a contribution that is for all. A little bit of appreciation for the way things have been goes a long way to make room for what can be. 

When people discover an inherent permission to live their unique blueprint, life becomes a rich playground, and one that nourishes a fundamental sense of belonging and appropriate identity.

Rather than a rote protocol for a diverse population, this is about appreciating the beauty of each individual as a vital and profound contribution to the whole. It's a about relieving ourselves of the conditioning that makes us sick, troubled, or stuck in suffering. It's about bolstering our unique genius, throwing out the paradigm of trying to "fix" ourselves, and trusting the intelligence and nuance unique to our personal architecture.

As a songstress and poet by nature, and transformative guide by design, I am inspired by the art of cultivating a worthwhile conversation with our lives.

I invite you to contact me if you’re ready to:

  • Release and transform outdated, conditioned patterns.

  • Take advantage of guidance and support to move through an identity threshold, whether you are transforming some unexpected or ongoing challenges, or going directly for conscious disruption to expand your life in wonderful ways.

  • Work with the source of your true authority and inspiration to live more congruently, stop trying to make yourself be something different, and appreciate the experience of being you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With great love,



Kendra Current Certified Master Practitioner, Songstress

Equipped with robust, practical tools, an investigative eye, and an appreciation for practical magic, Kendra has a way of helping people see themselves more clearly, and consciously transform their lives. A practitioner, facilitator, and songstress, Kendra is concerned with what it means to live a soulful, purposeful life, whatever our unique calling. 

Her training includes transformational and therapeutic neurologically-based coaching, subconscious re-patterning, intergenerational healing, energetic and sound healing modalities, studying our life blueprints through astrological mediums, and curating wisdom that has come from working with her incredible clients for over 15 years.

She intuitively employs this knowledge to meet you in the fertile ground of your own discovery, and usher in the transformation that is being called for.

Here's to the grand experiment, rooted in the practical.

Training, education, and mentors:

  • Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tNLP), NLP Marin

  • Family and Systems Constellations, NLP Marin, Karin Dremel, Jack Blackwell

  • Gene Keys and Human Design, coursework and independent study

  • Intuitive Career Coaching, Sue Frederick

  • Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Symptoms, Douglas Brady

  • Polarity Therapy, Colorado School of Energy Studies, John Chitty

  • The LifeLine Technique, Dr. Darren Weissman

  • Acutonics, Kairos Institute of Sound Healing

  • Therapeutic Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy (AAS), RainStar University of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  • Therapeutic Thai Massage, (Uma Thompson and Marek Sawicki, in the lineage of Pichest Boonthumme)

  • BA in Theatre Arts, Truman State University

Thank you to the lineage of teachers and mentors who have come before me, and contributed beyond measure to my personal work and evolution, and to the wellbeing of many.

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