Let's talk about what really matters, to you.

Re-solution begins with clarity, acknowledgement, and alignment.

Equipped with robust tools, and an investigative eye, let's talk about what really matters, to you.

For more than 12 years, it has been my vocation and passion to evoke evolution, and assist the transformative process by helping people come home to their bodies, and experience a soulful, purposeful life, whatever their calling. Songstress and poet by nature, I am compelled and inspired by the art of cultivating a worthwhile conversation with our lives.

The journey:

Since 2002, in a deep study of healing and transformative work, I'm continually inspired to find real solutions. It became clear early on that intelligent and effective approaches are those that address the full scope of the human experience with reverence. This study of mind and body began as an experiment. It has since become a practice of profound integration, and deep love.

Seeing such radical changes in a relatively short amount of time, I consistently witness tangible, sustained results, while respecting the wisdom of the creator I'm working with. I see those parts of human experience that have been highly resistant to change continue to change gracefully, providing liberation from the contractions and limitations of conditioning.

The learning is potent, deep, and lasting. Having the capacity to address challenges and approach desires from this perspective is both grounded, and inspiring. Inclusive of an exploration in human neurology and family lineage, we can work to instill desired behaviors and capabilities, while nourishing a fundamental sense of belonging and appropriate identity.

No matter what someone brings to the table, we are able to make adjustments with precision and care, while focusing on what really matters.

Rather than a rote protocol for a diverse population, this work offers a kind of presence and personal attention that addresses the nuances unique to each one’s particular circumstance and life architecture.

  • If there are powerful desires in your heart that await fruition, we can pave the way.
  • If you have long-standing or significant unwanted experiences, we can remove the roadblocks to experience ease and success.
  • If your life is mostly well-established, we can support your next level of becoming.
  • If you are facing a major transition, there is great resource available for you here.

I look forward to helping you ignite your life, and discover what's really possible.


Training, education, and mentors:

  • Therapeutic Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Marin
  • Family and Systems Constellations, NLP Marin, Karin Dremel, Jack Blackwell
  • Intuitive Career Coaching, Sue Frederick
  • Voice Dialogue, Douglas Brady
  • Polarity Therapy, Colorado School of Energy Studies
  • The LifeLine Technique, Dr. Darren Weissman
  • Acutonics, Kairos Institute of Sound Healing
  • Therapeutic Massage (AAS), RainStar University of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Asian bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy, Rainstar University
  • Immersion, native healing studies
  • Thai Massage
  • BA in Theatre Arts, Truman State University

I hold an immense amount of gratitude for the lineage of teachers and mentors who have contributed beyond measure to my personal work and evolution, and to the learning and wellbeing of many. Thank you.

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