On Devotion (and womanhood)

Darling Woman,

Surrender is an inside job. You already know this. In the secret womb of your heart, in your bones, in the wisdom you were born to carry - you know all I'm about to say.

Power lies in the generosity of a woman's articulation. The service of our lives comes in speaking your particular language, so as to reverberate this truth through the forgetful calcification, until all that emerges is the unblemished power of radiant resilience that just knows.

Like giving birth. The body knows.

"Dear life, I notice it is against my deepest nature to participate in the proliferation of incongruence. My intention now is for complete and absolute alignment with my true being.  (not with principle, not with practice, not with abstract concept or teaching) - but with me, and my true being."

Fundamental choice has been made. "This above all, to thine own self be true."

Clamoring through the halls with cacophonous interruption of anything untrue - cracking falsehood - doubt cannot survive here. Only the absolute. It is for you to know, and if it be your desire, share in service of others.

Your expression constructs complex neural structures that build bridges of freedom for the learning of all. Communication is the meat, the flesh, of our knowing.  Sharing is an evolutionary impulse with which to fully participate - if you wish to bring yourself willingly to the altar of Life. (No matter, she will find you.)

This is Devotion. Unending - accelerated - listening. This is where it begins. Destiny is self-directed when you learn how to obey with soft receptivity the truth of who you really are. No false law, no condition. No external authority. You, and your unique conversation with the Divine.

It takes courage to acknowledge what you already know - and to Choose. The first step is a radical, simple "yes," that can feel like the journey of a thousand miles. The rest is an adventure of a lifetime, and a love affair as great as the sun and the moon.

To assume your Divinity is to bathe the world in the beauty of your deepest offering. This act - of devotion - brings complete annihilation of anything that does not resonate to the core - sometimes gently, sometimes ravenously.

And still, surrender is an inside job.

I will see you, my friends, in the field of knowing.