on value

What happens when the question "What is my value?" becomes...

"What do I value?"

While long asking questions like "What is my purpose? Why am I here? What do I have to contribute?" is a great start for a deep inquiry about what one has to offer, it rarely seems to deliver. The attention, instead, seems to get caught in an eddie of self awareness, without the necessary impetus or agency invest one's attention outward and make practical experience out of such an inquiry.

Recently, I've begun to notice the emptiness that results from asking those questions - as if the one asking the questions is looking for validation from the outside, or waiting for someone or something to show us what we're made of. That existential black hole can go on for an eternity!

What might be a useful alternative? 

It was astonishing to me the shift that occurred for me when I put my attention on what I value. The same followed for those I work with. Rather than feeling lackful and grasping at answers, they began to feel whole, generous, capable, and looking upon life with eyes of love. Rather than seeking something that may not have a tangible answer, they were instead infusing life with what already matters, and watching it grow.


If you would like to truly know and experience your value - after getting over any objections that might go along with the previous and well-meaning status quo - you might want to experiment with noticing what you value, and breathing life into those things you most love. 

Shift your attention from asking "What is my purpose?" to infusing life with the purpose you ascribe to it. 

We do not discover or find our purpose. We imbue life with meaning and purpose.

The next step for me was to construct an optimal structure to allow those values to be front and center in my life (while also allowing room for learning and adjustments to be made).

What is your next step?

  • What would you most like for yourself and your life right now? 

  • If all your affairs were in perfect order with that which you most value, what might your life look and feel like?

  • What might emerge as a result?

Wishing you all good things, and a life of your deepest value!!