The work of evolution is not always so comfy. In fact, sometimes we think we just might be out of a job or done with our nice earth-bound vacation if we step up to the task.

There are, however, ways to make this epic learning experience more digestible. Ways to tend to the evolutionary process that care for both the tender, precious aspects of self, as well as the resilient, robust aspects of self.

With intentional change work, we are not just reaching for what we want, though that is a great place to start. We are actually using what we want as a compass, or a sort of divining rod that opens a portal to deeper transformation.

Developing an intimate relationship with what is most wanted puts us in direct contact with the transformation that is already in motion. When we make conscious choice about what we would like, we begin to meet the creative forces of life, and draw forth that which is available to us by virtue of our incarnation and the life that has been given.