A word on Identity, in the context of Change

Identity is precious. It provides a framework for belonging and meaning in our lives. Having the capacity to update what we identify with can be a tremendously empowering and powerful event.

The subconscious has perfect record of every experience that has ever occurred. When we skillfully identify those experiences of the past/present that may limit the future self’s happiness, we can bring specific, appropriate resources to those very structures in our neurology, which have previously remained the same in our memory, and thereby create change. We can actually update how we feel about the events, and what the events mean, creating a ripple effect through our personal timeline to impact a bright, positive future.

This process is one of inclusion, appreciating all the learning and positive intention inherent in each life experience, no matter how challenging it has been. It requires that we look at the events of our lives from a new perspective, acknowledging the choice that is available right now.

Discovering and refining identity is a powerful process, whether we are making relationship with this exploration consciously or not. Though we can define identity as that which we identify with, in experience it is much more rich and personal. We have the capacity to modify our sense of identity through the work of reimprinting.

The art and skill comes in by doing this in a way that involves care and attention to the desired experience. When one realizes that they can direct the course of change in their lives, it can be completely dismantling to all the previously stabilized aspects of their reality.

And yet, it is this very process that provides an opening to experience something new. With respectful orchestration, by destabilizing those aspects of our experience which we do not want, we have much more choice about what we would like, and the tools to design a life that is in alignment with who we truly are, and how we want to feel - beneath the layers of conditioning we think we need to survive.

What might it be like to have the experience of "surviving" a reality that is wanted, and even chosen? What choice is available to you, right now?