You have something incredible to experience and offer in this world.

In the making of Conversations with Life, it is my intention to offer you useful tools, artistry, pure goodness, and transmission to assist you in your journey of magnificent fruition and learning. A project that is utterly infused with heart, usefulness, and insight, this is a place to frequent often, bringing a breath of new life and inspiration.

In these pages, creation is happening, on the ground floor of devotion to this art, to bring you the very best. May this project be an offering unto your personal evolution and the greater fulfillment of consciousness.


  • This is a place of constructive clarity, ease, order, and a user’s manual for human experience.

  • It is a homecoming. A place of remembrance for what’s most important and enlivening.

  • This is an archive of insight, preserving previous learning, and creations that continue to breathe with potency.

  • And furthermore, it is a platform for the emergent, including practical, down-to-earth resources, soulful poetry and music, and written works of healing and inspiration.

Thank you for joining me here! As always, your questions, comments, and insights are welcome.

Thank you for joining me, and participating in a creation of unfolding Beauty!

With great love,