Surfacing: Life in the Radical Fast Lane

Sometimes clarity comes from extremes. Tonight, I collided with a driver who had been drinking. I don't know what this means for him and his life. I'd like to think he has something better coming to him, as if this smash hit was a date with destiny.

That's how it occurs, for me. 

So strange to see the stream of green lights on a fairly empty road. So strange to feel the flow of life flowing, in an instant to be intersected by pounds of metal barreling at me. 

No time to see it coming. Bam. Life hits and brings things to a screeching halt. Though I come away rather unscathed, something is ignited. These events knock things loose that have been primed to move. 

I can feel the clarity snap into alignment. We do our best, day to day, tending the mind, the body. Tending to life. And then, life happens, subtracting the clutter of the unessential.

When there is no time to develop poetic, well-formed outcomes and brilliant decisions, things seem a little simpler. Earnest as I ever was, I'm feeling a little lighter now (not just less the weight of a hunk of crushed metal sitting in the junk yard).

I'm brought back to this:

"How, then, shall we live?" 

There is a still point between urgency and waiting. It feels like relaxed readiness. Pray, practice, write, spend time on the mat…then, go live, knowing this is it. Now.

Life provides the fodder. You, my dear, are the mill, and the grain, and the product of something miraculous, equally blessing everything that graces your life. Such immediacy illuminates all the places still awaiting love. It all has something to say in whatever form it passes through your heart, either sweet or bitter. Life awaits with an invitation for recognition.

Snapshot the things that count. Make it a point to recall the beautiful.

Flowers. There were brilliant flowers today, with such an olfactory symphony and palate of colors, shapes and stature, varied as the imagination, it opened me with an allure that pulled my heart right out of my chest.

This. A part of it all.

What excuses can you find to be with the divine? (If it were to take any excuse at all.)