What's your most potent personal gift?

A Choice:

What if getting inspired isn't just something nice to do, but a divine responsibility to participate in the unfolding of natural intelligence? What if it were your birthright? 

A Story:

I was listening to an interview the other day between Tim Ferris (The 4-Hour Workweek) and Rick Rubin (renowned producer extraordinaire) on cultivating world-class artists. Rick asks this question of the artists he works with:

What's its most singular, most potent, most personal gift?

An Inquiry:

How might you answer that about your life? Your vocation? When do you feel nearest yourself? Nearest the Source, beyond distraction?

And when you're there, how do you know it? What does it feel like? 

When you're feeling it, what does that stimulate in you? 

What becomes possible from that place? 

A Generative Stance:

How do you get there? If your life experience were determined by your choices, what do you do to vibe on high? What is your fool-proof way of getting in the zone and reveling in the glory of magnificence? 

“It’s [about] getting closer to the source and not being distracted by any nonsense…”
– Rick Rubin

What's it like when you're close to the source? 

A Declaration:

Some create cases to make sense out of what's gone wrong, or why things aren't working. 

While we're at it, why not make a case for the beautiful? Along with the inherent value that permeates artful expression, and the courage to amplify that which celebrates life?

What is that most intimate, most personal expression that, when you engage it, offers both strength and revelation when it comes to light?

Let's dance on the edge of that unknown.