Back to Life

Soft, whispered on the edge of tomorrow when the lips of the evening touch the nape of morning's neck and breathe a subtle breeze of renewal. 

It hurts to be away so long, but in the exquisite homecoming, something has been gained. Understanding is not always easily won. And I do not mistake struggle for a necessary ingredient to learning, but many have found solace in the recognition that peaks through the veil of trying until there is revelation. 

The consistency of gravity is a kindness that enables us to lean into life, and choose to stand again after a tumble. Those first trying weeks of balancing acts and micro adjustments to become a part of the vertical people - the resulting accomplishment stabilizes a knowing, a confidence that cannot be taken away.

Life is on offer. Sometimes it takes spiraling back to the grave of our ancestors to realize a necessity to expand. It's easier to be dead. 

So, where does the light fall, or rise up from, to provide a welcome compelling enough to invite you fully to this life?