The body wobbles in awkward discovery of this fleshy thing, learning through movement - no words. Liquid sustenance, slurred sounds, and mirrored abstractions. Function communicates with form to find an optimal handshake.

I feel it low, unraveled, dis-integrated - the glory of no longer trying to know. The determined heart has finally found it's way to fatigue, to help you to the gentle ground.

Delicious mouthfuls of dirt to accompany the music that hasn't yet made a sound, though you can hear it humming all around.

It's still there, though unrecognizable in its new configurations, finding its way back to elation. Life will meet you there, when again you are ready to come up for air.

The iridescent rainbow echoes through fading pictures while language tries to make sense of itself to show you who "I am."

How strange we've learned to speak, when everything has its own language.