The perfect bottle, and your sacred story.

Sometimes the simplest adjustments can make a monumental shift in someone's life. I recently had a friend gift me this amazing glass bottle that steeps loose leaf teas. It's functional, beautiful, and keeps the tea warm for a long time. The warmth of the bottle is comforting in my hands. The aperture fits to my mouth just right, with the perfect texture to sip from. I can take my tea on the go, or enjoy it at home. Who would have thought? All this pleasure and innovation from a bottle. Completely changed how I relate to my daily tea ritual, and enhanced my life.

This is the incredible thing about practical magic. It shows up at the right time, with absolute purpose to resolve a situation or fulfill a need, sometimes without you even knowing you needed it! It's like the linch pin - the thing that makes everything else make sense. The piece that creates order out of chaos, or the prism that - at just the right angle - changes the way you see and experience everything. 

You know those times you see an image that rings a bell deep in your soul? Or when a friend says something in just the right way to dislodge a conundrum and make the world seem brighter? Imagine having access to that kind of magic at will. The power to choose and direct the course of awakening. The ability to utilize the beauty of your consciousness with greater intention and facility.

This, in large part, is what I believe we are here to do. We, as humans, have the moments opportunity to step into a sensational experience in the flesh, and try our unique hand in service of something so much bigger! We are offered the gift of stepping into a reality where a lot of things seem pre-determined, and yet so much more is up to our artists' hands, as we become master craftswomen and men of our lives.

The medium presents plenty to dive into and learn from - physically, relationally, emotionally - this dimensional canvas has no shortage of material to play with, and energy to wield. Certainly, the soul has plenty to grapple with as well, determining just what to line up with, just what to choose or reach for, and just what will make the kind of difference that will make the difference - To extend and still belong. To find connection and compassion in the most horrific of circumstances. To play our part and be willing to make a mess of it on the way to mastery. How else does a child learn? For those of us who walk and dance - we all fall down before we learn to stand.

My invitation to you is simple today. Notice one thing in your life - no matter how simple - that changes the way you move your body, direct your attention, do what you do, or live your life. Even if the place you start is by connecting with a challenge that commands your utmost attention, and wields a power unseen just to wake up in the morning - to be you. Bow to that thing, whatever it is, for teaching the power of relationship, and the exquisite dance of your sacred story.