Exactly What to Worship

I have arrived at the bridge of no return,

when once traversed will lead to a truer home.


Strange beauty to behold this final step,

both perfectly called for, yet subtly pressed,

like a wildflower between two dated pages of a book,

somehow retaining its hue.


Feet firmly planted to the winter ground,

reverberating “new beginnings” through every momentous cell.

My brain attempts, with obsolete measure,

to interpret and make sense of the changing color.


Endowed with the courage of simple maneuver,

this moment bring immense focus and strange pleasure.

One empowered step dwarfs the past and blurs the peripheral lines.

With astute precision, my heart is equipped with seeing eyes.


Perfect breath of life, I know where I stand,

moved by the cadence of nature’s dance,

knowing exactly what to worship.