I will

I tried normal.

Gave pious a run.


Rolled in water and laughed on the hillside.

I sang from the mountain with longing and wilted pride.


I gave my hand. I gave my heart. I gave my word. I gave my mind.

I gave my hours. I gave my journey. I gave my home. I gave my life.


I  s t r e t c h e d  membranes and tore apart herds of screaming animals inside to lay down false armor and find the character beneath the fight.


I cut my hair off,


stepped aside.


I walked on high wires,

through shopping malls,

under moon and stage lights.


I collapsed under the weight of heavy truth.

Became buoyant in the pearls of enduring youth.


Having looped on “this will never change,”

with an answer that never lies,

to the question “who will love me?”


In an instant, everything subsides.


Cutting through cacophonous sorrow,

with earnest, simple reply.

“I will.”


And silence fell,

Soft and still.