No Defending

If I were to stand before you today, and share something worthy of your ears, I would speak of your brilliance. I would reflect back to you the golden petals of your courageous heart, and your unique illumined human journey.

I would bow to you inside the privacy of my own flowering heart, as I exalt everything about you as the divine.

I would sit in the truth of the vast intelligence that lives inside your pure goodness. I would let no one lose or get left behind, because each voice, each sentiment, each aspect is sacred and valuable with something to teach and something to learn, and something to be revered.

I would let myself be compelled by the deliciousness of loving so fully that my insecurities dissolve in the light of a love that overflows and spills all over creation, because it can.

I would not invest in a collusion that marks you as flawed because I know, even in the experience of fear or pining or trying, that you, too, are doing your very best, guided by a force brighter than a thousand stars and more powerful than a thousand prayers, because you are a living prayer.

You are the divine, embodied. An intention worth the focus of all the positive attention of the universe, to find yourself in this fleshy form, marveling at your own glory.

I wouldn’t buy your limitations or lamentations, though I would include the you who is having that experience, and hold you in the light of the one who knows better.

I would see the senior consciousness who knows exactly what you are doing, even when you think you don’t. I would appreciate the exquisite beauty of the intricate nature of your unique and profound participation with the all that is.

I would say thank you to those ears for listening to the beat of your own heart and the urging of your own soul to trust what is true, not by someone’s measured opinion, but by the way we are all made naked and silenced in the truest of truths that needs no defending.