Touch it to Your Lips



Sometimes songs are that quiet on the outside.

Start right here, now. The texture on the top unfurling layer of your rhythmic heart is the first petal, utterly available. Generous.

Take a wiff. Touch it to your lips.

Tender on the top? This is only the beginning. Keep going. 

This home beckons you, here, now.


This home…this home with no floors or doors or walls or windows.

This home, swept with breath, momentary

Always refreshed, changing.


Identify with nothing

Can you do it?

In service of a love affair greater than the heart

Identify with nothing just once, 

And let the moment grow to meet you where you are


Even these words never lived up to are salms for fathomless joy.

The gretest love letter could heal the world if the world were to need it. 


We have our lives. May this be enough.

Human, together.


Lift the lid long enough to let the words seep out with absolute presence, “I care.” 


Then, keep going.