Where Everything is true

Say the thing you don’t want to say.

For in your ferocious locking it away,

it snarls and grows wicked into a mutated display.


Perch yourself on the truth within you.

Only you know what has to be said.


Give it breath, and save the thousand deaths

that could be rescued with just one.


We enter in anon, and live lifetimes in one.

Collapse this gentle wave with a simple gesture,

“Hey, I see you.”


"Oh. Ok."


Welcome, welcome, welcome in.

Give it space to swim,

to show you how love loves.


The birth of your sacred face

is more clever than handing over your sweater

when it is cold outside.


Peel away the skin that suffocates.

Taste the words that enliven your tongue

and offer whippoorwills to the morning song.


You have something in there, I see it.


Speak it, hand it over, weep it,

whatever you must do to live this life most true.


This is no time to be numb, but to feel the fullness for which we’ve come,

This playground for the living.


I cannot condemn your truth.

Each voice has something to contribute.

I open my heart to pierce the fruit of This.

This Vast.

Where everything is true.