Turn Your Eyes, Instead, to Love

Holding back this force, this dam is pressurized and pasteurized by the sanitized way we’ve learned to be free, which is no freedom at all.


I speak this voice to be spoken for, unbroken in my continuity with the life that pours fluidly through me.


We look for salvation in sinking things and pray and hope for the solace it might bring, but happiness is found in the natural buoyancy of surrender.


This body floats. It stokes the fire when it’s not waterlogged by the emotions of having been clogged up, just to say “I belong.”


Precious one, you can rest now, knowing that belonging is inherent and love is transparent in everything.


Surrender has a spine. Release and discover the brilliant climbing of fascinated primal life with a force of its own.


Bold, unprotected, seek nothing, and watch it all rush in.

Naked, illuminated by this light, there is no way to safety. It’s a dying fallacy.


Turn your eye instead to love.

Turn your eye, instead, to love.