How can I be afraid, when spirit guides my way?

Got all I ever need, and all I ever will.

And as September comes, uncertain I have been. 

They don't call it faith for nothing.

And as the moonshine fades, the tears have rolled down my face.

I've seen it all my friends. Now it's time for a Miracle.

I wear my heart like an open wound as a testament to all the beauty I've seen and all the longing it brings.

there's always been a glimpse of it's gonna be alright, in the cold, dark, endless night.

In the cold dark night

And as the moon is waxing, so many things rearranging.

What's left to expect my friends, but only a Miracle.

Let the loneliness penetrate your heart.

Let the shadow break you, that you may know the truth of your soul, as we have chosen this road. Yes we have chosen this road.

And it's time for a miracle. 

What's this life, but a Miracle?

And I believe in miracles.

Yes I believe in miracles.