I painted that for you

The colors in the sky, I painted that for you. 

The way the sun rises over the hill, I am an artist too.


Two wolves, crossed my path today, calling for something more bold.


Start and stop if you must, but never leave the game. 

Start and stop, pause, reframe - but stay, always, in the game.


Busy morning, cars coming straight on as you find your way down the hill.

Be ready for anything. It's all right here - this - right in front of you.


The trees are crawling out of the hillside, their skin moist with moss. 

Trumpets blowing their horns, lizard suspended on the wall - a waking dream.


And it's a Wednesday. It could happen any day. 
Keep your eyes open, your wits about you - it could happen any day.


Lively morning it is.

Two wolves, not one. Trees crawling out of the hillside, green mossy skin.

Everything is talking. Everything has something to say.


Come into this morning all ears. Everything is talking.

Come into this morning all ears, everything has something to say. 


Receptors receiving, listening for what life has to say.

You asked a question long before the words came out - 

Listen to what life has to say.


Everything is talking, come to this world wide open - to what it has to say.