“Listening to Kendra sing is like listening to an angel whispering directly into my ears. Her magical words and mystical voice move me tears every time. I experience deep transformation from her songs!”
— Beverlee Garb, CA


Listening to her grandfather sing around the house, and the congregation harmonize at the Sunday service, the seeds of song were planted early.

A part of her high school choir, Kendra didn’t start playing guitar until the last summer of undergrad, after it has sat under her bed for 3 years. Once she cracked the case, a whole new world of magic emerged as she discovered her love and talent for songwriting.

Kendra’s music speaks both to her personal experience, and the universal journey of the soul.

Her lyrically-driven soundscapes invite her listeners into the diverse terrain of the heart, opening you the honest, the real, and the beautiful.

Saturated with a soulful acoustic sound, you'll hear splashes of blues and folk, tribal echoes, and hints of something ethereal.

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