Kendra Current Practitioner, Soul Songstress, Student of Life

A practitioner, guide, and songstress, Kendra inspires people to experience a soulful, purposeful life, whatever their calling. Helping to transform lives since 2002, Kendra is equipped with robust tools, an investigative eye, and an appreciation for practical magic. Whether in concert, in session, or in the training room, Kendra has a way of helping people see themselves more clearly, and harness their life force to live what's right for them.

In practice since 2002, she has sought out wisdom from many teachers, and curated the best of what she has found to be the most useful. Her training includes Therapeutic Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The LifeLine Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Acutonics, Voice Dialogue, Polarity Counseling, Family Constellation work, Voice and Movement training, Authentic Relating Practices, native healing traditions, and studies in the Gene Keys and Human Design. 

She intuitively employs this knowledge to skillfully meet each client in the magic of their own discovery, and the transformation that follows.

Here's to the grand experiment, rooted in the practical.


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