Monthly Guidance

Welcome to the precipice, of you!

  • What's happening in your body, your relationships, your life, that's encouraging or guiding you to take a deeper look?
  • Ready to harvest the learning from those experiences, so you can appreciate where you've come from, and make space for where you're going?
  • Would you like to discover optimal decision-making strategies, for you, based on how you're designed to operate?
  • Let's do some deeper, neurological repatterining, in support of re-solving things that aren't working,so you can inhabit your true role in this life, with greater ease and satisfaction.

Journey into the heart of you, where you will discover and recognize your true self, harness your greatest natural resources, and begin to craft a life based on your inherent design. Welcome to the realm of magic!

Together we will:

  • Meet once or twice a month for your transformative repatterining and guidance sessions.
  • Identify where you can better harness your energy to experience greater satisfaction, and less burnout.
  • Highlight your natural strengths and genius, and support you in living according to those principles.
  • Create some magic, so there is greater synchronicity, clarity, enjoyment, and success in your life!


  • Sessions are rooted in Embodied Blueprint Consulting and Personal Changework
  • Your Monthly Guidance and Transformative Consultation:
    • One to two 90-minute change work sessions per month (On zoom, or in person when available)
    • Weekly energetic clearing (Remotely)
    • Additional strategic guidance calls (Available if needed)
  • Enjoy the benefit of additional sessions of your choice at 10% off


Pricing for your program will be based on the regular service fees, and the design of your personal program.

(Note: A minimum of 3 months is required to get started. After that window, there will be an option to reassess, and you can either continue your current program, revise your monthly commitment, or be on your merry way.)

Feeling excited, intrigued, or energized? You are invited to contact me to apply for this program!

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