Welcome to the precipice of a new world.

Is it time to enter more wholeheartedly into your life's adventure? Sometimes we can spend months, if not years, in the incubation phase, waiting for life to show us something or move us along. Sometimes, we humbly step forward, asking for a change, without knowing what that will bring, or if it’s possible to encounter passion again, or recapture the twinkle in your eye.

Sometimes there is nothing more profound or inviting than having some skillful, loving attention in ways that can hone our awareness, and bring the vital breath back to our lungs, and our lives. An environment of focused reflection can spawn insights that change that can miraculously shift the trajectory of one’s entire life.

When equipped with the power of trusting your inner authority, how would that change your life?

  • Recognize how you're designed to operate, and begin to make powerful decisions from that deep wisdom and trust

  • Re-pattern internal belief structures and neuro-emotional frameworks to expand the possibilities for yourself and others

  • Support the completion of challenging dynamics, and nourish a context where optimal outcomes can take root

Journey into the heart of you, to harness your greatest natural resources, and begin to craft an environment for a life you're truly here to live.

Together we will:

  • Identify where you can better harness your energy, saying yes to the things that are right for you, and no to everything else.

  • Highlight your natural strengths and genius, to support a life in accordance with your core principles.

  • Create some magic, where there is greater synchronicity, clarity, enjoyment, and success in your life!


  • We will meet on video chat (zoom), or in person when available

  • I bring my best to the table, and you agree to show up as you are

  • Let’s find out where attention is most needed to support a truly transformative, embodied experience


Pricing for your program will be based on our conversation, and the level of support and contact that would best serve your desired outcomes.

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