Living Design Consultation

Living Design Consultation

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Synthesizing information about your cosmic blueprint, this session is designed to provide guidance on how to make optimal decisions, according to your design, and to engage in what’s correct for you, while utilizing your inherent strengths as a potent natural resource.

  • Individual Consult: 75 minutes

  • Composite Consult (couples or business partners): 90 minutes

  • Follow-up Consult: 45 minutes

Please note: Birth information for all parties, and preparation time are required for this session.

Location: Available remotely (on video chat), or in person in Boulder, Colorado.

(Once you purchase your session, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment time. You will also have the option to receive a complimentary recording of your session upon request.)

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  • Do you feel confused or frustrated about the way things are going in your life, work, or relationships? 
  • Not sure how to make important decisions?
  • Uncomfortable with patterns that show up in your life?
  • Ever try to make things work, and it just feels like a slog, or you're feeling burnt out?

Having an understanding of your unique blueprint can provide tremendously valuable information to navigate through your life, use your energy properly, make important decisions, take care of your health, and know what's right for you. It will also offer a straight-forward framework to experiment with optimal strategies where it matters the most, and support you in having a greater understanding of your purpose, or role, in this life.