Energetic Attunement

Energetic Attunement


We are all swimming in a sea of energetic impact, bumping into each other's auras, thoughts, and distortions on a regular basis. Energy clearing helps you to re-set to your personal optimal energetic frequency, so you can clear your mind, connect with the intelligence of your own body, make optimal choices, and clear the way for better possibilities and outcomes.

  • Resolve residue from previous experiences, relational entanglements, or challenging, heavy experiences.

  • Clear funky energy in your your home or office space.

  • Reset your mental field, emotional body, energetic system, and physical body to support the natural healing process.

Offered remotely, we'll work with what is most pressing, and available for clearing. Based on the issue, and the energy available in your system for clearing at the time of your appointment, attunement sessions are typically 20-30 minutes in duration,

(Once you purchase this session, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment time.)

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