Gene Keys Golden Path Orientation Session (75 minutes)


Gene Keys Golden Path Orientation Session (75 minutes)

95.00 150.00

(*Special rate, offered for a limited time.)

New to the Gene Keys, but deeply intrigued, and interested in getting started?

This session is designed to give you an orientation to your Hologenetic Profile so you can easily get started in learning about and utilizing your natural gifts, and more clearly understand the essence of your core purpose and personal contribution to the collective.

Once you have the basics, the journey can be much more fun and less overwhelming to step into! (Note: Your birth information is required for this session, and you’ll want to purchase the Gene Keys book, which is the heart of the transmission that offers descriptions for each of the Gene Keys.)

Location: Available remotely on video chat, or in person in Boulder, Colorado.

(Once you purchase your session, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment time.)

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