Transformative Coaching (90-minute Sessions)


Transformative Coaching (90-minute Sessions)

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Tending to neurological patterns and beliefs, as well as trans-generational themes, we can re-imprint the fundamental thought patterns and energetics that run through your life and dictate your life experience.

Touching upon the heart of the matter, we’ll work together to address recurring or challenging patterns in your life, help you become more aware of the identity threshold you’re passing through, and support you in fulfilling positive outcomes.

*Note: Available as a session, or series of sessions.

Location: We’ll meet together on video chat.

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Neurons that fire together wire together. This is how learning happens. Through conversation, skillful facilitation, and energetic recalibration, we are directly changing the infrastructure of thought, perception, and experience to actively re-route neural pathways and subconscious patterning. We'll address what's most pressing, while putting attention on your personal experience, and the systemic patterns of your family lineage, to bring about profound shifts in how you feel, what you do, and how you do it.