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Transformative Coaching (90-minute Sessions)
from 250.00

Let’s get to the heart of the matter with transformational, neurologically-based coaching (NLP) and therapeutic re-imprinting. We’ll work together to address recurring or challenging patterns in your life, and to support you in fulfilling positive outcomes. We may also put some attention on trans-generational themes to clear the way ahead.

Become more aware of the current identity threshold you're passing through, recognize your inherent resources, and revise some core patterning to make the shifts you're looking for.

Let’s make some magic!

*Note: Available as a single session, or as a series of sessions. While a single transformative session can be beneficial on its own, a series of sessions can provide a deeper, more integrative experience.

Location: Available both remotely (online), or in person in Boulder, Colorado.

(Once you make your purchase, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment times.)

Number of Sessions:
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Living Design Consultation
from 95.00

Synthesizing information about your cosmic blueprint, this session is designed to provide guidance on how to make optimal decisions, according to your design, and to engage in what’s correct for you, while utilizing your inherent strengths as a potent natural resource.

Your initial session includes a detailed report to use as a personal resource to refer back to, which also assists the integration process after your consultation.

  • Individual Consult: 75 minutes

  • Composite Consult (couples or business partners): 90 minutes

  • Follow-up Consult: 45 minutes

Please note: Birth information for all parties, and preparation time are required for this session.

Location: Available remotely (on video chat), or in person in Boulder, Colorado.

(Once you purchase your session, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment time. You will also have the option to receive a complimentary recording of your session upon request.)

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Gene Keys Orientation Session (75 minutes)
95.00 150.00

(*Special rate, offered for a limited time.)

New to the Gene Keys, but deeply intrigued, and interested in getting started?

This session is designed to give you an orientation to your Hologenetic Profile so you can easily get started in learning about and utilizing your natural gifts, and more clearly understand the essence of your core purpose and personal contribution to the collective.

Once you have the basics, the journey can be much more fun and less overwhelming to step into! (Note: Your birth information is required for this session, and you’ll want to purchase the Gene Keys book, which is the heart of the transmission that offers descriptions for each of the Gene Keys.)

Location: Available remotely on video chat, or in person in Boulder, Colorado.

(Once you purchase your session, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment time.)

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Ready for a deeper dive?

Monthly Guidance

What is your unique life's work, and how does that serve a greater picture, for those you love, and future generations? 

Journey into the heart of your life, where the most potent conversation glows with an ember of your true self, and the guiding principles of your perfect unfolding. Harness your greatest natural resources, and deepen the craft of mastery, based on your inherent design, as you continually pass through, and integrate identity upgrades, at the threshold of your own expansion.


  • Evolutionary, experiential guidance at your own leading edge
  • Rooted in the inquiry of your deepest truths
  • Addressing the ecosystem of your life, inclusive of your unique genius, your personal relationships, and your life's work
  • Monthly container, with a minimum 3-month commitment

Due to the nature of ongoing transformative work, and the intimacy of our humanity, we both want to make sure that we establish a correct foundation at the start of our journey together. 

How do you know if you're in the right place?

  • You're willing to show up and put skillful, loving attention on the things that matter most.
  • You've already done some work with me, or another practitioner, and you're ready for a deeper dive.
  • You're interested in investing in yourself to awaken a greater potential for yourself and those whose lives you touch.
  • You're actively interested in your own development, and you recognize your growth as part of a larger ecosystem.
  • You're feeling energized and enlivened by the conversation, and you know you're on the verge of making some big changes in the infrastructure of your life and how you operate.

I invite you to Find out more here:

The yes that is required is not the yes
of knowing anything for certain
it is not the yes that creates something new

The yes that is required is the yes
that steps forth into lands unformed and wild
and says here is my entirety
here is my soul

It is this yes that the universe answers
in ways that change everything.
— The Yes that is Required, Ann Betz

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