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Single-Session Options

1-1 Personal Changework Session (90 min)

Based on neurological coaching, quantum energetics, and re-imprinting work, this session is designed to address a recurring or challenging pattern in your life, and to support you to fulfill a desired outcome. Typically offered as a follow-up to longer programs, this session is also valuable independently.

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Embodied Blueprint Reading (75 min)
95.00 150.00

(*Special Rate, offered for a limited time)

Synthesizing information about your cosmic blueprint, using insights from your Astrological birth chart, Human Design, and the Gene Keys, this session is designed to provide guidance on how to best use your energy according to your design, how to make major decisions, and how to best support the endeavor of being you.

Please note: Birth information and preparation time are required for this session.

You will receive a summary of your design in the form of a written report following your session.

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Energetic Attunement

We are all swimming in a sea of energetic impact, bumping into each other's auras, thoughts, and distortions on a regular basis. Energy clearing helps you to re-set to your personal optimal energetic frequency, so you can clear your mind, connect with the intelligence of your own body, make optimal choices, and clear the way for better possibilities and outcomes.

  • Resolve residue from previous experiences, relational entanglements, or challenging, heavy experiences.

  • Clear funky energy in your your home or office space.

  • Reset your mental field, emotional body, energetic system, and physical body to support the natural healing process.

Offered remotely, we'll work with what is most pressing, and available for clearing. Based on the issue, and the energy available in your system for clearing at the time of your appointment, attunement sessions are typically 20-30 minutes in duration,

(Once you purchase this session, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment time.)

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The Threshold Experience
675.00 750.00

3-Session Package

While a single session can be beneficial on its own, I recommend that people begin with a series of 3 sessions, to provide a more integrative experience. 

Getting to the heart of the matter, and starting to touch on Identity revision, this series will help you become more aware of the current threshold you're passing through, recognize your inherent resources, and revise some core patterning to make the shifts you're looking for.

Based on neurological re-patterning and re-imprinting, we may also put some attention on trans-generational themes relevant to your life experience, establish optimal outcomes you’d like to step into, and clear the way for the path ahead.

Let’s make some magic!

(Once you purchase this package, I will be in touch to schedule your appointment times.)

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Ready for a deeper dive?

Monthly Guidance

Journey into the heart of you, where you will discover and recognize your true self, harness your greatest natural resources, and begin to craft a life based on your inherent design, and continually pass through, and integrate identity upgrades, at the threshold of your own expansion.

Welcome to the realm of magic! This program is potent, rich, and deeply experiential. Due to the nature of transformative work, we both want to make sure we're in the right place.

If it feels like:

  • Now is the right time for you
  • You're lit up by the conversation
  • You're prepared to address what arises to come out on the other side with much more clarity, practical tools, and ample skills to use your life force to fulfill the life you came to live,

You are invited to contact me to apply for this program.


  • Sessions are rooted in Blueprint Consulting and Personal Changework
  • Your Monthly Guidance and Transformative Consultation:
    • One to Two 90-minute change work sessions per month
    • Remote clearing as an adjunct to your 1-1 sessions
    • Additional strategic guidance calls available as needed
  • Additional sessions of your choice at 10% offFind out more!

I invite you to Find out more here:

The yes that is required is not the yes
of knowing anything for certain
it is not the yes that creates something new

The yes that is required is the yes
that steps forth into lands unformed and wild
and says here is my entirety
here is my soul

It is this yes that the universe answers
in ways that change everything.
— The Yes that is Required, Ann Betz

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