A Masterpiece

I whisper gentle breath into the new day to get acquainted, until at last the bellows, with fierce and easy determination blow with direction - a kind of focus that protects from distraction and collects all necessary elements toward the intended goal.

I am not much one to speak of goals, but in this case, I am inspired and refreshed by the thought of seeing something through to the end. The long game. Some are built for this kind of madness - the quality of magnetism that makes relationship with outcome, as if it is the most precious thing.

We learn by our very willingness to follow through.

Life's grindstone has a way of fatiguing a heart that perpetuates confusion, retiring inefficiencies of the will. Masterpieces are built on surrender to the proclivities of genius.

I have heard the whisper, "I'm coming through to you, if you let me." - One masterpiece.