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(Note: Most of the full names have been omitted to respect client privacy.)

I have worked with many people over the years, but rarely have I met a healer as gifted as Kendra. I am so lucky and grateful to have found her. Kendra has many amazing gifts, including intuition, profound comfort, compassion, and deep listening.
— Client, Boulder
Kendra did a masterful job holding space with keen awareness, restraint, and timing. Her riveting skill for seeing, holding space, locating and allowing the center to find its way through the clutter with heart and integrity is something to behold and experience for anyone serious about their own personal evolution.
— JC, Boulder
Kendra Current is an amazing teacher and healer, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with someone who is so passionate about the spiritual growth of her clients and students. If you ever get a chance to have a class or a session with her, take it!
— Sean Allen
You bring so much healing, rapport, and deeper understanding to all who come into your orbit.

I can’t thank you enough for your support, guidance, attention, and connection.
— Client, CA
Kendra, I want to thank you for our session yesterday. It was so revealing and transformative. I imagine you hear that often, but I am left with a great sense of ease moving into the now. It’s hard to describe exactly what has changed, but I feel myself bigger, open, and willing. Thank you so much!
— Client, Hawaii
I’m having a day very infused with the energy and image I created of the healed picture of myself, and it’s kind of freaky - in the best way. There’s good, Big movement!
— Client, San Rafael, CA
Kendra is an angel among us. Powerful medicine flows abundantly and lovingly through her voice, her hands, and her presence. Any person who is ready to embody their angelic nature through open-hearted awareness and transformation of self, this person is quite likely to leave Kendra’s presence born anew and eager to fly.
— T.S., Boulder
She has provided an infinitely safe and supportive space for healing and transformation for me, and I am infinitely grateful. She has helped me experience amazing shifts and I look forward to continued growth and healing. Working with her is an honor and a privilege.
— C.A.T., Illinois
All my life, though I had many friends, I struggled to stay connected with them. I often changed friendship groups repeatedly. Never quite fitting in. I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back from building a community, almost a family around me. Today, I see signs of that. Since working with Kendra, I have found myself more open and confident in creating and sustaining friendships that last. Since then, I have met 2 x friends who will also be strategic partners! Thanks Kendra! xxx
— Client, AU
Kendra is a rare gem of a healer. I came to Kendra with an emotional/spiritual pattern that was manifesting physically, and I knew that something deeper than nutrition, lifestyle, and spiritual practice was needed to allow complete healing to occur. From the first session with Kendra, I felt a profound shift. After only a few sessions, I not only received a clear lab report, but I also felt free from the blocks that had been keeping me stuck. Within weeks, I made a major decision in my life that precipitated more healing and opened space for what I truly wanted to enter in. Don’t let an opportunity to experience Kendra’s work pass you by. She is blessed with a unique and profound gift, and I am forever grateful.
— Ann Gibson, Visionary Nutritionist
I really feel our first session helped me So Much! I’ve made some positive changes and I’m really happy about them.
— Client, DC
Kendra is one of those rare practitioners that lives her life with tremendous dedication to truth across many levels. The truth as it expresses itself in our body, mind and emotions produces health. I have seen incredible shifts in my work with Kendra and can point to our work together as one of the factors in creating much, much more room for income and wealth (a wealth of energy, resources AND money).
— Seth Braun, Health and Human Potential Coach, Speaker, Author
I feel like a door has been unlocked to getting to know myself deeper.
It is one thing to discover your passion and another to live and breathe it. Kendra’s passion for helping people awaken to their full potential for healing and transformation is awe inspiring.
— Dr. Darren Weissman, Developer and Trainer of The LifeLine Technique™ and International Best Selling Author
Kendra Current is honest to goodness. Her gift for healing expresses itself through her practice, her music, and the very essence of her life. Kendra always meets you just where you are, and guides you through a nurturing, healing experience. She has a preternatural ability to find the spots that are the most in need of care. I always leave my sessions with Kendra feeling exceptionally relaxed, yet completely grounded. In her music, Kendra puts her heart out there for anyone open enough to hear and receive the honesty of her self-expression. She is a beautiful human being whose soul integrity permeates everything that she is and does.
— A.W. Boulder, CO
I’ve heard so many talk *about* this process, but felt so few women actually shining in surrender. I want to thank you for showing up how you are. I just received gorgeous healing en-COURAGing transmission.
— LW, WA
After our session I noticed that my anxiety and thoughts towards having and defining a home are rather neutral. In fact it feels as if it was a dream of a problem rather than a nagging anxiety for over two years.
— Client, Italy
The bottom line is this: What I experienced was a noticeable, immediate, much deeper connection with myself. When I went outside, I could feel the trees again, and to me, that’s an indicator of how connected I am with my soul and my energetic field.
It was like “Here I am!” I now have a much stronger connection with a really important part of myself. Another thing I’ve noticed since is that it’s also made a night and day difference in my make outs, and it’s been really fun!
— RC, San Francisco, Coach, Facilitator
That last appointment was so amazing!! I am still seeing the same visuals and feel fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Energy is much better so far. I had a triathlon on Sunday and I am usually very nervous and scared going into the race but this time felt much different. I was calm and happy not dreading anything. My race was amazing!! I have been steadily decreasing my finish times and wanted to go big and try to shave 14 minutes off my last race time on a tougher course. Goal was 3:30 for a 34ish mile race, actual finish time was 3:23:07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG that is 21 minutes off my last personal record. I cried when I realized where I was going to finish and made sure I was going to stay at that pace. Working with you is exactly what I need! I’m loving the results and going through the process with you. Thank you!
— JB, CA, Athlete, Financial Professional
I just wanted to check in and let you know that things are going really well!! After our session, the next day, my bodywork session brought up a lot of issues that were related to the work we did together. I was also empowered to set up a fun gathering of people I want to get to know better. I think our session really helped me.
I’ll definitely be following up with another session!
Thank you so much!
— Client, DC, Author
You have been a great source of inspiration and help. I have no doubt that without your help, which came along at a pivotal time in my life, I would not be where I am today. Thank you very much for helping me on my journey.
— RD, Author, Scotland


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