What about the spaces in between?

In the sea of great change, when the cosmic soup is having its beautiful way with us, there are inevitable times of challenge, tenderness, disheveled rearranging, and uncertainty.

What if you had a potent reminder to call you back to the source of your power?

Something to soothe, to ignite, to help you align with clarity and intuition, to renew your sense of trust in life?

A friend on the journey to help you evoke your greatest gifts and strength, command cosmic resources, and anchor your expanding identity,  may I offer you....

Soul Songs


“This is pure art and soul of the human condition… thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this.”
— MM, Client

Built on the solid foundation of transformative healing work, and the power of your intention

Soul Songs are

  • A tool for clarity, direction, and activation.
  • Uniquely crafted and recorded specifically for you.
  • A powerful resource to pass through a threshold.
  • Perfect soundtracks for promotional videos with a mission.
  • Soulful sound to infuse your creative project or ignite a crowd.
  • Music of the soul, to help you remember who you are, and why you are here.
  • A great gift for a birthday, engagement, graduation, celebration, or special occasion.
  • Something you can listen to at the start of your day, while in transit, or in meditative moments.

listen to some soul songs

“Listening to Kendra sing is like listening to an angel whispering directly into my ears. Her magical words and mystical voice move me tears every time. I experience deep transformation from her songs!”
— Beverlee Garb, Life Purpose Coach, Leadership Consultant, Speaker

How it works:

  1. Schedule a consultation.  Contact me to schedule a consultation. (If we have not worked together before, it could be useful set up a personal change work session beforehand, but not required.)
  2. Set an intention.  During the private session or consultation, I will work with you to clarify what you're going for, and to set those intentions in motion. (All sessions are offered on Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.)
  3. Receive your Soul Song.  After we have met (following your initial conversation or session), I will take some time to work with what you have shared, provide regular energetic, remote clearing, and listening for your song. When your song comes through, I will spend some time recording, and return your song to you in 2 weeks or less.

I look forward to working with you!


Order a SOUL SONG, Uniquely crafted FOR YOU, to usher and inspire you

Contact me for project options and details.