You know it’s time to enter more wholeheartedly into your life.

Sometimes we can spend months, if not years, in the incubation phase, waiting for life to show us a sign or move us in a new direction. Sometimes, we humbly step forward, asking for a change, without knowing what that change will bring. We can wonder if it’s possible to encounter a sense of passion again, with that twinkle in our eyes. Sometimes, life rocks our very foundation, and requires us to pay attention.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You're willing to go to the heart of the matter.

  • You don’t want more superficial anecdotes. You’re looking for substance.

  • You're interested in re-awakening the adventure of your life.

  • You recognize that having an experienced guide can expedite and support your personal expansion.

  • You're on the verge of making some significant, meaningful breakthroughs, even if it’s a little scary, or you don’t know right now what that might look like.

  • You're ready for a deep dive, and you want to invest in it.

Working with you is exactly what I need! I’m loving the results and going through the process with you. Thank you!
— JB, CA

Let's be real.

It's undeniably an action-packed time to be in a body. If we don't do it willingly, life has a way of bringing us to the table anyway (which might be how you found your way here). Either way, the invitation is always there, but it's up to you to say yes.

It takes willingness to experiment. It takes courage. It takes commitment. And while deep and vulnerable, it does not have to be heavy. 

We meet people at certain times in our lives that can helps us expand and grow in meaningful, life-changing ways.

If you're ready to encounter depth, and meaningful expansion, I’m ready for you.

Let's be honest. 

Life can be challenging, confusing, painful, and disheartening at times. Times like these are the very ripe conditions that give brith to revelation, grace, hope, and creativity.

While others may hold the field of possibility for you, you're the only one who can show up for your life. I've certainly been there myself, when I wasn't sure if I wanted to show up for mine. That's why I'm here with the gumption to invite you fully back to yours. 

You got this. Even as you face uncertainty - laughing, crying, kicking and screaming, or celebrating - now is the time to uncover the unique and sacred role you have to play in the larger story.

Let's be clear.

While it should be required, supportive curriculum for all human beings to align with their inner authority and get in touch with their native intelligence, the right environment is paramount to supporting that inquiry and making real change.

Humans are naturally wired to stick with what's familiar. It can be scary to consider making changes, but it can also be exciting.

This is a transformative process as much as it is skills development. An un-learning, as much as a self-education.  This process is best supported and amplified when there is ample psychic space, time, and quality attention.

Kendra is one of those rare practitioners that lives her life with tremendous dedication to truth across many levels. The truth as it expresses itself in our body, mind and emotions produces health. I have seen incredible shifts in my work with Kendra and can point to our work together as one of the factors in creating much, much more room for income and wealth (a wealth of energy, resources AND money).
— Seth Braun, Health and Human Potential Coach, Speaker, Author



Journey into the heart of your life, and trust your body to show you the way, as you walk through the threshold of your own expansion. 

  • Disrupt what’s not working, and support what does

  • Experience deep, transformative change

  • Get in touch with your inner authority

  • Clarify and nurture your personal relationships, starting with you

  • Nurture your unique genius and reenforce a trusting relationship with your gifts and intuition

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.
— Brene Brown


  • Consciously grieve what needs to be let go, and make space for what wants to arrive.

  • Get really good at understanding the language of your body, and make powerful decisions you can trust.

  • Resolve outdated patterns, and shift subconscious belief structures to open doors, and move forward with integrity, feeling energized and inspired.

Kendra has provided an infinitely safe and supportive space for healing and transformation for me, and I am infinitely grateful. She has helped me experience amazing shifts and I look forward to continued growth and healing. Working with her is an honor and a privilege.
— C.A.T., Illinois
You have been a great source of inspiration and help. I have no doubt that without your help, which came along at a pivotal time in my life, I would not be where I am today. Thank you very much for helping me on my journey.
— RD, Author, Scotland


  • What: Transformative coaching and guidance based on neurological, energetic, developmental and somatic models. (Typically meeting biweekly with a suggested 3-month minimum timeframe.)

  • Where: We will meet on video chat during our scheduled meeting times. (I’ll send you the meeting room zoom link before your first session.)

  • Scheduling: Sessions will be pre-scheduled. Once we schedule your appointment times, rescheduling is available if you give notice 48 hours before your appointment time.

  • Our agreement: During your exploratory conversation, we will partner to determine an optimal schedule and timeframe to get started. We both agree to show up, and bring our full presence to the table.

  • Pricing: Pricing will be based on a monthly investment, billed either up front, or on the same day each month, depending on our agreement. (After the initial timeframe we agree on - usually 3 or 6 months, we can reassess and continue, or not, depending on the level of inherent desire and energy to continue, or a natural completion.)

What would you like to tell me about you?

I look forward to meeting you!