THAT THING is why we are here.
It is the North Star that has guided our lives to this point, no matter how far off the path we might have wandered at times. It is the sense of purpose and destiny that wakes us up at night and begs us to pay attention...
THAT THING is the call of SOUL.”
— Jacob Nordby, Blessed Are the Wierd



Can you feel the old way cracking, and the new way announcing it's arrival? Do you know something isn't quite working, but you don't know what's next? Do you know you want to make a change, or create something new, where your truest path resides?

If you are comfortable with your life the way it is, this may not be the right avenue for you. Or, perhaps you're here precisely because of that discomfort, calling your attention to a different way - a new kind of yes.

Given the depth and potency of who you are, let's show up to give you quality attention as though your life depends on it, does.

Whatever the case, if you are interested in a bigger experiment, because life is calling you deeper, because you feel the friction or frustration of an identity that has grown too tight, or you're reaching for something more true to you, I'm here to help you recognize yourself in a deeper way. I invite you to explore the possibility of life, by design.

You have a unique genius, and that - in all of your dimensional beauty - is welcome at the party.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are in transition, or being called to a greater expression or vision your life

  • You’re seeking guidance making to make decisions in career, health, or relationship

  • You’re at a crossroads, or wanting to make a change

  • You’re not sure right now who you want to be, or what you want to do

  • You want to be able to trust yourself with significant decisions


What now?

Welcome to a Soul-Directed Pathway:

  • Unwind old patterning, while initiating positive movement.

  • Come to know who you are when you’re following your true authority.

  • Equip yourself with a more appropriate architecture for your life.

  • Restore a sense of rightness in the life you’re living.

  • Experience immediate insights that grow over time, and lead to that which is correct for you.

Getting started

"…It is always hard to believe that the courageous step is so close to us, that it is closer than we ever could imagine, that in fact, we already know what it is, and that the step is simpler, more radical than we had thought."

-Beginning, David Whyte


Some common themes:

  • Have confidence in making important decisions

  • See and appreciate Relationships in a new light

  • Support your Health and Vitality

  • Properly tend to your Vocation and Career

  • Acknowledge Life Transitions and Thresholds

  • Attune yourself to your true nature, as you are designed to operate

“Kendra did a masterful job holding space with keen awareness, restraint, and timing. Her riveting skill for seeing, holding space, locating and allowing the center to find its way through the clutter with heart and integrity is something to behold and experience for anyone serious about their own personal evolution.”
— JC, Boulder

Working with you is exactly what I need! I’m loving the results and going through the process with you. Thank you!”
— JB, CA


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