Is this work for me?

If you are comfortable with your life the way it is, this is probably not the right avenue for you. Or, perhaps you're here precisely because of your discomfort with your life! 

Whatever the case, if you are interested in a different way, because life is calling you deeper, or you're experiencing frustration, confusion, or feeling lost in your life, if you're reaching for something more true to you, I'm here to help you come to a clear confidence in your own authority, and make lasting, transformative change in your life. I invite you to explore the possibility of a profoundly empowered life - a life by design.

People I work with:

  • Entrepreneurs and Executives

  • Artists and Creatives

  • Those in transition, or being called to make a change

  • Those seeking guidance in career, health, relationship, or self expression

  • Those who would like a consistent, reliable navigation tool for life

How does it work?

While both traditional coaching and therapy have their tremendous benefits, they are often founded on goal-setting, accountability, or approaching life as though something is wrong that needs to be fixed.

This work is about transforming the conditioning that prevents you from fully being yourself, so you can use your life force properly and thrive, being you. Welcome to the land of permission to be you.

About neuro-based therapeutic coaching:

Neurons that fire together wire together. This is the process of learning.. Through conversation, skillful facilitation, and energetic recalibration, we are directly changing the infrastructure of thought, perception, and experience to actively re-route neural pathways and subconscious patterning. We'll address what's most pressing, while putting attention on your personal experience, and the systemic patterns of your family lineage, to bring about profound shifts in how you feel, what you do, and how you do it.

About birth blueprint consulting: 

By approaching your life with great respect, and appreciating the incredibly unique and valuable being that you are, we can see what it means for your system to operate correctly, and what conditions support optimal health and success. Through your energetic blueprint, we will look at how you can best make decisions in your life, and support your most vital expression, which naturally brings greater enjoyment, success, and proper recognition.

Being human is not a failed condition. It's not about taking what doesn't feel good and making it go away, but making way for a more appropriate, up-to-date, healthy and vital expression of who you really are in all aspects of your life.

Essentially, we are making way - for you, and your native, unique genius.

What is it like to work with you?

Given the depth and potency of who you are, let's show up to give you and your life a quality of attention as though your life depends on it, does.

This is my invitation to you - to explore the realms where your natural resources reside so you can use your greatest gifts and life energy in the most optimal way. 

Using a synthesis of complimentary modalities, we'll address what is most pressing in your life, and bolster what is already working well, as a function of your true self.

Programs are crafted to best meet you where you are, and carry you through a threshold to the most authentic expression of what's right for you, which has an enormous, liberating impact on your most vital self, and those you relate with.

Due to the nature of our human conditioning, patterns take time to set in. Likewise, it can take some time, and an optimal environment, to unwind them.

It all starts with a conversation. (Contact me to connect.)

Is working online similar to working in person?

Regardless of locality and medium, people regularly experience connection, deep insight, and profound change by the mere act of putting highly-refined, quality attention on you and your life. Working with clients globally, I currently conduct the majority of work with my clients over a video chat platform (zoom).

What's your cancellation policy?

Individual sessions: A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Full session fees will be due after that window.

Monthly retainer: Your investment will offer you a predetermined amount of time each month, available to distribute throughout the month, based on your contract. You agree to show up for your scheduled session times, and observe the 48-hour rescheduling policy. In the event you need to reschedule in less that 48 hours, you understand that you may be able to reschedule within the month when available, or will otherwise mean a forfeit of your scheduled time.

How do I prepare for a session?

If it is our first time working together, we'll likely have a a brief complimentary, introductory conversation to get to know each other a bit, and establish an optimal working relationship.

In most cases, I will also ask that you provide your birth information (day, location, and time), so we can look at your life blueprints, in conjunction with any consultation and personal changework we do.

Beyond that, come as you are. The material of your life is the material of this work. If you have an acute or ongoing challenge you'd like to gain insight around and re-solve, or an experience you're wanting to create in your life, we will use that information as the doorway in.


Would you like to connect?